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The Barmaker, Colorado

The Barmaker, Colorado

Custom Bars, Colorado- TheBarMaker

In my career, I’ve had a few clients tell me they are looking for a bar that “you would see in Colorado.” I nodded my head and pretended to understand. I thought to myself, “I lived in Colorado, I don’t know what a bar in Colorado looks like. Of course, I lived in Boulder, Co. but nonetheless, I’m TheBarMaker and should know what this means. During my recent trip, I kept my eyes wide open to what in fact, a bar that you would see in Colorado, really looks like.

Golden, Colorado

We flew into Denver International Airport, rented a car and set out for day one. As I mentioned, I lived in Colorado for a short time but my fiancé, Lindsay, had never been. I wanted to do things and go places that were also new to me during our trip. Coincidentally, a band by the name of Manchester Orchestra was playing at Red Rocks the night we arrived. The rumor is, that Red Rocks is astounding, so we had to experience this for ourselves.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a natural rock formation in the side of a mountain that produces outstanding acoustics. Besides that, it overlooks breathtaking scenery that you take in during a concert all while the setting sun illuminates the sienna colored rocks and the golden hills that surround the venue. I’ll also add that the “golden” grassy hills is probably how Golden, CO got it’s name.

Our stay in this area was delightful. It’s home to Coors Brewing Company, which was closed while we were there, but more importantly, the town is only about 6 miles from the concert venue. We stayed in a great boutique hotel called the Dove Hotel.

Custom Bars Breckinridge, CO

Golden didn’t display anything that would make me think, “this is what a bar in Colorado looks like.” However, I may have had the best bowl of chili I’ve ever had in the town. On day 2, we decided to hit the Rocky Mountain Highway and head towards Breckinridge. I’ts not a far drive from Denver and the scenery is beautiful. We stopped off at Dillon Reservoir for a quick hike before making it into town that sits and an elevation just above 9’000 ft. Maybe custom bars in Breckinridge, CO will be more abundant and learn what this means.

If you close your eyes and try and picture what a ski town in Colorado looks like, well, this is it. The town is charming, clean, walkable, and you won’t go hungry. If you like to hike, bike, ski, shop, eat and drink then this is the place for you. Oh, and by the way, the views are stunning.

This would be my best shot at finding the Colorado style custom bar. We rented some bikes and set out on paths, walked through the local shops, & ate outstanding food, and took in mountain views and air. The houses in Breckinridge are beautiful. I would certainly be willing to check off my list, a custom bar design in Breckinridge, CO it might be in my best interest to align with an architect or interior designer in the area.

TheBarMaker in Boulder, CO

Back in the ol stompin grounds. I went to the house I use to live and it was no longer there. It was torn down and in it’s spot stood a newer, larger house. The city has changed since I lived there but it’s still a great place. It has everything you need to keep you entertained. I could write a whole blog post in itself about Boulder. The breweries are great, the food scene, from what we uncovered was ok, but I’m sure we didn’t know of the best kept secrets even though we asked the locals.

You don’t have to go far for some great hikes and scenery. The terrain is the epitome of Colorado. After a good hike the breweries are many and close. My two favorites was and Twisted Pine Brewing.

Needless to say, my hunt for a Colorado custom bar came up empty. I have a good idea what it is and i’ll model it in my and we can see what that looks like. Our time in Colorado was outstanding; the views, the food, the people, but most importantly, the soul. At the end of the day, thebarmaker custom bars capture all of this. The point of travel is to bottle up where you go and store it away and let it convert to imagination that I can hopefully share with you in my creativity while I’m building your custom bar.

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