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Palm Springs, California; Everything you need to know

Palm Springs, California; Everything you need to know

My pleasure comes in the form of bringing people joy through my custom bar creations. Seldom do I find myself receiving pleasure from things, but places & the people I’m with are what fills my heart with joy. Palm Springs, California delivered.

My lovely fiancĂ© suggested shoehorning a trip to Palm Springs as the first leg to a spring break we were planning to Scottsdale, Az. We planned to go there for Cleveland Guardians spring training baseball. The flights available were no good so the plan was, fly into Palm Springs, play, hike at Joshua Tree National Park, play, then drive down to Scottsdale… and play.

We really didn’t know what to expect in Palm Springs. We were shooting from the hip as we so often do. Sometimes it’s a success, and sometimes not so much. This time, success. We did pre book a night at a small boutique resort called Talaverna. It was very quiet and delightfully decorated with a bohemian feel but the best part were the small touches.

On day one we took the tram, walked the main streets of downtown, took a soak in our own little private hot tub, took a nap, woke up an made our way out for a few drinks and eventually for dinner.

Our first stop was a place called the Front Porch. It was a very small, quaint spot that had a few tables and a small bar that served up craft cocktails. The food menu was a spin from it’s parent restaurant called Farm. It revolved around sandwiches and while we only shared one sandwich and a few appetizers, I’m confident there isn’t an item on the menu that would be disappointing.

Our second stop was the Ace Hotel. Palm Springs did a very nice job of taking mid-century buildings, specifically hotels, and refurbishing them into quasi luxurious, hip spots. They did a fine job of embracing the authentic vibe of the fifties which I could write about in a blog post by itself, and maybe I will.

The Ace Hotel was a hip spot that was a refurbished lounge and dinner that was attached to a hotel. We had a few drinks in the lounge then moved to the diner where a jazz band was set up playing. The menu could be best described as gourmet diner food and was in fact… gourmet.

That was day 1. Day two will be in the next post which I’ll talk about Joshua Tree and where we stayed next.

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