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Cleveland, Ohio- Custom Bar Building, Design, & Installation

Cleveland, Ohio- Custom Bar Building, Design, & Installation

Walnut Bar top

We’ve come upon an era where to be in constant motion means you are diligent. It’s the equivalent to treading water or sprinting to the finish line. In either case, the moment isn’t being realized as much as the end. The prize is a new task and not the feeling of accomplishment in the form of quality thought or effort put into a project. The template for modern success is sooner, faster, let’s throw added costs towards 2nd choices because we can have it now.

Building custom Bars, however, veto’s the judicial system that is turning this new framework into the standard. We are conditioned to believe that if you receive something fast, that it will justify cost & because you received it quickly, you feel as if you need it immediately so are willing to compromise quality.

To fall into this quagmire is going to certainly lead to polluted economy. It would be the equivalent of eating before you are hungry with the purpose of making sure- you never get hungry. Being taught that the feeling of hunger, or in other cases, having to wait for something isn’t good. So you eat things not caring as much about the quality but more so the quantity.

This could parallel with our thoughts in the same way we feel the need to nourish our needs with constant consumption, we feel as if communication, planning, pulse checking relationships, should be a constant and if it’s not constant then we are not keeping up and everything will start to evaporate- hence the treading water or racing to the finish line affect.

The Bar Maker has outlined their process in a way that creates & boxes a level of concentration that goes into every custom bar that we bring to life.

5 Steps to building a Custom Bar: The Process

The first Conversation is the most important. I listen, I take notes, and I ask questions. Our job isn’t to sell you a Basement Bar or wine cellar, it’s to create for you the vision that you imagine.

The Design doesn’t come from a book of reference nor does it get copied from other designs discovered on the internet. It comes from taking principles of cabinetry & master carpentry and integrating them with fabulous features that come from within the imagination so that it aligns with exactly what your vision is.

Bar Building doesn’t have scalability. In other words, when we are building your bar, it is being built by an individual that is skilled in a way that builds things, not by just knowing how to do it but by knowing why it’s being done the way that it is. The fact that heart and soul is being infused into the custom bar is a complex dynamic and doesn’t exist without intention.

The Finish or the color and clear cote is admittingly, a little bit of witchcraft. For a thousand years or 15, we’ve tirelessly worked to formulate the perfect recipe in this step to building the highest quality custom bar. Our finished product IS in fact the trademark that indecisively distinguishes our bar from being just a bar cabinet.

Bar installation requires the knowledge of carpentry but also willing to exercise imagination and improvisation. Remember, this was built specifically for you and to fit specifically in your space. Your new custom basement bar or restaurant bar wasn’t built by adding up standard bar cabinets and using fillers to complete the math.

So with all of this being said, I hope it gives relevance to the above statements of how, but also why, we are doing things the way we want to do them and without getting wrapped up in how we are made to feel we should be doing them. I’ll let Amazon and Home Depot do things their way, we’ll be over hear having fun doing them our way.

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