We design and build custom bars for your home or business

Custom Bar Photos

While you enjoy browsing our custom bar photos, we want you to know that everything we illustrate has been designed, built, & installed by The Bar Maker. We also want you to know that all of the hardwood products we use are hand selected for the highest quality. Over many years we’ve built relationships with local suppliers to maintain a consistent standard.

The modern pace of production has wilted the consumer’s confidence. The Bar Maker isn’t a high volume shop so we can still approach projects with quality over quantity principles. You can have the pleasure of meeting the team that was a part of bring your custom bar project to life.

Below are custom bar photos of past projects. All of these bars started with an idea then became a design to fit the space, then became the bar you see in each photo. Please understand that these aren’t models or styles that you have to choose from and as you can see, we have a broad design range.