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Cleveland Built Bar For Sale

Cleveland Built Bar For Sale

The Cleveland skyline makes its own statement with no words required to represent Brown’s, Cavs, & Guardians love and just hometown proud. Likewise, TheBarMaker is proud to be Cleveland, Ohio based. We enjoy building custom bars for you anywhere you live, but if we have the opportunity to embrace the local theme we are going to do it.

Built Bars for sale is something we love making the time for because we can stretch the limits, experiment, and have a lot of fun stamping in a statement, whatever that may be. In this 7 foot custom bar’s case, it was Cleveland, Ohio

This Custom Built Bar is approximately 7 ft. (84″) and features: solid reclaimed hardwood backdrop to plate steel that was plasma cut in the shape of the CLE skyline. The bar top is solid oak that we stained black and used a catalyzed polyurethane for a superior, durable finish. There is a 4″ drink rail to give you style points while mixing up your favorite cocktails for guests, or sampling your newest bourbon.

We stood the skyline off the bar front and lined it with LED lights capable of any color you choose, or set on fade for a continuous color change, or just keep on a soft white for a mood setting backdrop. The bar cabinets are open and also feature LED lighting.

This Bar, for lack of better words, is sweet. The cost is $2430.00 and we will deliver it for free within the Cleveland area. Give us a call 330-760-7046 or email

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