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Custom Bar Cost

Custom Bar Cost

All day, we as consumers move through our day to day, earning and paying money and for the most part, we know what things cost and we all know we never make what we are worth. A few times, you may question the cost of an item or scowl at costs added in after an estimate.

When it comes to larger purchases like a car or repairs done to your home, for instance, a roof or new furnace, you can bet that will provide a close estimate somewhere in a discussion. Now, you can even get online estimates from some companies. Even though that amount isn’t exact, it will put you in the ballpark.

What about a custom home bar? A few years ago, when you purchased your home, you decided your finished basement would transition from being used as a kid’s playroom to a custom basement bar for you to entertain friends and family or even better, a place for you to unwind alone. Well, the holidays are over and that time is now.

Custom home bar design is the priority; the look, the feel, & the function. You want to do it once and you want it to be a hit for years to come. Finding http://thebarmap:// was the easy part. All you had to do was “best bar builders near me” and our name will appear. Listen, this is a blog post and I have to plug us a little… anyways, so I come out and we are discussing adding this beautiful addition to your home but there has to be a small spot in the back of your head that asks what the whole thing is going to cost?

What does a custom home bar cost?

For starters, the variable is size. The type of material comes into play but the fluctuation of cost isn’t as substantial as the size. Obviously, as a whole, the cost could be determined by whether or not the space itself needs renovation or if the custom bar and back bar could be installed with little to know modifications.

I think it’s important to be determined to do the project correctly all at the same time and let me explain why.

If I you went to a restaurant and sat at the bar to enjoy a cocktail before dinner and looked around, what would you notice? It would be a professionally designed bar that had bar accent lighting along with aesthetics that complimented bar shelving. It was a wet bar, the bartender didn’t have to keep dirty glassware and half empty drinks hidden until the end of the night. The barstools were cozy and you felt as if you could be there awhile. The walls weren’t painted pink, or the color you let your mother in law pick.

The point is that is highly recommended to get everything you want when moving forward with a custom bar. Usually, the cost is nominal to the overall cost and it would be higher by doing it down the road or, not even possible. The hindsight might be frustrating. Our goal isn’t to come in and up sell a project. As a matter of fact, we don’t sell you a custom bar, we design and build custom bars for your home or business.

It’s safe to assume that the cost is in fact inline with what you could imagine kitchen cabinetry to cost. While that may sound alarming, the saving grace is that a custom home bar is a third of the size as a kitchen. Rest assured, we are very transparent about pricing for the sole reason of making the experience as relaxing and enjoyable as it should be.

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