We design and build custom bars for your home or business

Fabulous Home Bars in Cleveland, Ohio

Fabulous Home Bars in Cleveland, Ohio

Fabulous Home Bars in Cleveland, Ohio

Taking custom bars to the next level has been our goal all along. We are never done. We discuss on a continuous basis what we can do to be better. Trying new things IS what separates us from everything else. Sometimes they work out great, sometimes the ideas become part of the process of elimination.

When these ideas do work and they contribute toward making a custom bar better, that feeling becomes that of achievement. There is so much practice and failure that goes into the physical and mental chemistry that when you can repeat a flawless application over and over, you get a final product that expresses an exquisite look and feel.

These small details added up throughout a project takes what we provide to a higher level. Our goal is to be the best. Clients have expressed their interpretation of what we make. They call it art. They say they feel like they are sitting at a real bar in a high end restaurant. The point is, the difference is noticeable and yet, we always keep working to do better.

High end custom basement bar

It doesn’t matter what the style of the project is. We don’t prefer to do one style over the next. We also don’t care about the size. If you want an authentic Irish Pub then we will study & research exactly what we need to do. If you want a sports bar then we watch your favorite team. If you want a speakeasy, what’s the passcode?

We possess the expertise to do whatever you want. We also desire challenge. Anything worth having does not come easy. Our approach is what keeps leaping us ahead and puts a huge gap between thebarmaker and those who get stumped by the adversity of custom. Our oblong principles create masterpieces.

We are based in Cleveland, Ohio however, it’s tough to consider this our only market. Why not thebarmaker Miami, Florida or custom bars Charleston, South Carolina even better, high end bar builders New York, New York. From custom bar design to custom bar build & installation, we definitely take it to next level. Talk soon

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