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Bar Builders Near Me

Bar Builders Near Me

A few months ago, my website went down. Along with it, years of blog posts. I wrote blog posts for years that was related to building custom bars as well as ideas, & bar related information. I really enjoy writing about things we create in the shop and also about where we are headed.

At first, I viewed the loss at something that couldn’t be replaced (and maybe from an indexed content standpoint, it can’t) but I now think of it as something I WANT to replace because I feel like I can do better. I enjoy being fluid on my website. Sometimes what I write or place onto my website is relevant and sticks but sometimes it doesn’t and it being a continuous “work in progress” is the fun of it.

Admittingly, there were moments I wrote a post just to provide content. I started off with enthusiasm but as you read on, it became a mash of words that could be tagged. This time around I want each post to be purposeful, and to be written as if all of my past, current and future clients are reading them.

I want to be the best bar builder in Cleveland, Ohio but I also want to shine the intellectual light that is the foundation of the culture that forms The Bar Maker. I use to never proof read my blog or even edit it. I seldomly added photos. I certainly would never have made the time to go back through and edit posts so I’m using this as the opportunity from this moment moving forward to provide quality information but most importantly, write them with heart & soul. Cheers!

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