Top 10 Home Bar Ideas

If you’re reading this, you are interested in designing or planning your custom home bar. Where do you start? Naturally, we look to the internet to get a good idea of what’s trending. Is this always a good idea? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. I’ve always said, I never want to change the vision of what a client has, rather use my experience to transform the vision into a functional plan.


The title of this blog post was created with a hint of sarcasm. There are not ten top home bar ideas, or twenty or one hundred. Whatever someone has a taste for, may not be yours. We encourage our clients to take that special location in their home, whether it be a basement bar, kitchen bar, dining room bar transformation…you get the point, anyways, we want you to break the rules. Don’t be concerned with going on the internet and being flooded with so many trendy bar ideas that you literally end up discouraged.

Obviously, we want to stick to principles that ensure an efficient & practical, but custom home bar. That’s where I come in. I want you to tell me what you picture in your head & let me design that perfect custom home bar for you.

When I meet with you, I pay attention. I want to know about your interests, your hobbies, your musical taste. I want to incorporate your personality into your bar. We aren’t some remodeling contractor that pushes you towards whatever they can buy at home depot. We want your custom bar to be one of a kind. While we can pick from one of our previous designs, we encourage something that we fashion it in away that is perfect for you.

Give a call at 330-760-7046 and let’s discuss some ideas for that perfect bar plan for your home. I always recommend or for great inspiration and you can find us on both.

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