TheBarMaker goes to steel city

We were recently contacted by a gentleman in the Pittsburgh, PA area. He reached out to me because he wanted a custom home bar for his basement. It had to be a specific size but also, he wanted to flow with some existing decor.

The bar was under 8′ long. He wanted a specific wood species and also, the stain color was to match. He also wanted to have some input moving toward the final design…and I was to deliver it too. Simple enough eh?

The goal was to use his ideas, and apply them to a perfect custom home bar, but also stay within an affordable budget.

After it was all said and done, we accomplished all goals and the custom pub is now at it’s home in Pittsburgh.

There is so much more I could write about this experience. When clients thank me, and I say “the pleasure is all mine,” I actually mean it. I do love my job & when I get to meet the people that will enjoy many valuable, life long memories around something I created, well..that is what its all about.

I will add, I am flattered that between Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, I was chosen to build this thing. Surely there is a basement bar contractor in the Pittsburgh area?

Nope, is your best choice hands down. Let us design and build your custom bar for your home or business.

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