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With the current trends of online shopping, there is a big question mark as to whether or not clients actually care about the shopping experience. Some would say to eliminate all of this if it indirectly contributes to the overall cost of a product. How many times have you purchased a high quality product and felt as if it weren’t for the packaging, the product could be sold a bit cheaper. But for instances like an IPhone, I’ve heard people say that opening the box is their favorite part.

Within the shop, there is a constant level of concentration and collaborative passion that goes into every custom bar project we design and build. Literally, from the bar ideas and concept all the way to final swipe of a polish rag after a project has been installed. We joke (not really joking) that if a client could truly see how much effort goes into building a custom bar for your home or business, then they would understand that it’s more than just a bar, a piece of furniture that looks fabulous in that portion of your home….it’s an experience.

There are a lot of components that go into a custom bar design and just as many that goes into custom bar building. The creative approach to the bar design comes from meeting with a client for the first time. Integrating their ideas of inspiration into the bar design and also making it fit within the space they have available. I can confidently say that this part of the project is the most important, at least for me.

The torch then gets handed to the production. I hesitate to call it this because there is so much more to it than any word I can use to describe it. As mentioned earlier, there is truly an orchestra of process that goes into this portion of the project. Even beyond that, hand selecting pieces of stock that will be strategically used for certain portions of the custom bar. For example, using bar rail that has extraordinary grain to be showcased at a focal point. There are any conversations that take place revolving around how perfect the finish feels, the sturdiness of the base cabinets, how balanced the decorative columns look, and watching the lines of the custom back bar design come together one piece, one bar cabinet at a time.

Superlative details, while may remain unknown, still contribute to the overall look of the completed custom basement bar. They all layer over each other to create the perfect recipe. For years, we have worked relentlessly, maybe even obsessively to create and strive for a way to create perfection. At this point, we are pretty damn close. With that in place, finally, we can start to direct our attention and intention towards capturing our passion and illustrating it for the client.

In the past, I’ve been faced with the difficult scenario where I can spend all of my awake energy creating a perfect custom bar that will be proudly showcased in your home that creates memories between your family and friends for years to come, or to put not as much effort into that but amplify the customer experience. The solution is to offer both from here moving forward.

It’s been my only goal as of lately. I’m as dedicated to accomplishing it as I was about creating the perfect recipe for being the best custom bar builder in Cleveland. The countless hours spent in my shop, evenings and weekends, most holidays, and all the time sketching with pencils on paper, doing it over and over again until I got it right, can finally be used to create that beautiful packaging so to speak. Some clients may still agree that this isn’t as important, but for the sake of celebrating our 15th year in business, it’s important to us.

We look forward to sharing that experience with you.

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