The jazz era; a speakeasy home bar

It has always been in my imagination, to design & create a bar from the historical 1920’s. The notion was derived from a suggestion made by a friend. While the intricacies of the piece would surely present a satisfying challenge, it was the design that would keep me from moving forward.

While classic traditional is a standard for a reason, buried deep in my heart is a constant strive to break those rules. I felt as if the 1920’s still clung to many principles that have so often repeated themselves decade after decade. I visited an exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art and discovered, I couldn’t have been more wrong.


It opened my eyes to the fact that the 20’s had a very modern and innovative edge. I also learned that it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the name Art Deco was assigned to the era. The introduction of textiles, chromoly, & glass, took furniture making into an echelon far beyond it’s time.


Another aspect I needed to consider was this. I am I design & build custom bars for your home or business. Prohibition played a huge role in the history during this period so why would it make sense to fashion a bar from an era where alcohol wasn’t even legal?


Wrong again, not only was alcohol being consumed at nearly the same rate, it romanticized the speakeasy. I also learned that prohibition made it illegal to produce and  distribute alcohol, however, it was not illegal to consume alcohol that you owned before the act went into effect.

To sum it up, my inspiration was awakened by my visit and I am looking forward to incorporating my ideas into some upcoming projects. I feel this era was alive & vibrant, great things were happening, men & women were inventive and pushing the limits. It is very representative to my approach towards my work.



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