The Cleveland Bucket List meets TheBarMaker

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I love to write, probably more than building custom bars. I’m pretty sure however, that I’m better at home bar designs than I am at writing, considering I’ve never been paid to write a thing.

For some time, I’ve been wanting to make blogspot a thing. Just like you, I love craft beer and I also find not only the chemistry and process fascinating, but also breweries’ business plans. It has been an idea to interview brew masters, wherever I may be, and write about them in my blog. Sound like a good idea? I think so too….but time is limited & efforts need to be sorted towards being a custom bar builder …and the excuses go on and on.

Recently, I was introduced to Haley Mills, the creator of as a feature for her small business sundays, she interviewed me. Haley is an incredibly motivated individual. She runs the blog, which happens to be a hit, but also extremely time consuming. I’m only speculating, but I would have to guess the return doesn’t match the effort she puts into this thing, yet, she presses on with daily dedication and consistency.

The reason I point this out, is because while this woman is as busy as the rest of us, she still makes time for putting this all together. Interviewing me must have been as rewarding as painting a closet but she maintained her attention, and while the feature hasn’t been published, I’m sure it’s safe to say she will make it great.

This experience, while good exposure for my company, has also inspired me to take a closer look at what direction I should be pointed. When I wake up and go to work everyday, I try hard to get the things done I need to do. I also try and do them well. This is great as long as you are where you want to be. Thebarmaker is going through a growth spurt & I just now understand I need to compass my efforts in multiple directions to achieve the expansion. I need to lift more weight so to speak.

Enough epiphantic philosophy for one day. You get the point, and when I say you, I mean the not one person that reads this. As of now, this is more of a journal than blog but I’m going to see if I can change that. I’d love to interview double wing brewery, Platform brewery, Great Lakes brewing company, and many more popular cleveland breweries.

Oh, by the way, the cleveland bucket list features best cleveland breweries, best things to do in cleveland, best places to eat in cleveland and so much more. So check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

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