Speakeasy bar ideas

In order to design a custom bar that fits a specific theme, you must first understand the origin or history.

The Speakeasy was a location to drink in the 1920’s during prohibition when it became illegal to sell or consume alcohol. The word & idea has been romanticized in the modern day. Everything about the era has not only been a relevant block of history, but has also become a style.

During prohibition, it was said that at any given moment, there was approximately 33’000 speakeasies in operation just in New York city alone.

We have to take a look at the picture our imagination paints when we use the word speakeasy when generating design ideas for our custom bar. Typically, when a client suggests a speakeasy bar tone, they offer ideas of brick, raw or reclaimed lumber, concrete, & steel.

In order to get an accurate assumption on what all of this is to look like, we have to probe slightly deeper into the origins of what a speakeasy really means. When a person went to a speakeasy during prohibition, it was the equivalent to the modern day night club. This was a social experience and an actual night out on the town & also usually a place for dining as well.

When a client asks me to design a custom bar to look like a speakeasy, they usually are backing the design content up with a bar that looks like a blind pig. These are places were generally out of the city or in poorer communities and often located in the basements of buildings. The bars were usually straight forward, tables were made from bourbon barrels, the walls were brick, the ceiling consisted of wood beams, boiler pipes, and the floor was concrete.

While at the time, these places were probably deemed undesirable for many reasons, in modern times, the industrial speakeasy look has become very popular for custom bar ideas for your basement.

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