Personalized Home Bar

Thebarmaker is mostly associated with designing elaborate custom bars for your home or business. What we definitely don’t want to be confused with are mass production modular bars. It’s also really important that we are still considered when you are looking for a small home bar or pub that is modular in size.

Creating a custom bar isn’t relative to size. It can be a 4ft bar, a 6ft bar or even a custom liquor cabinet. Thebarmaker wants to design and build a bar that is personalized and custom to you, regardless of the size.

Personal Home Bar

These personalized home bars are really alot of fun to build and they open the doors to use so many fun and unique elements we don’t typically get to work with.

Above is a bar with a personalized sign that was made by

They did such a great job working with a client that lived in New York, New York. We designed this bar for the client from just having a phone conversation and a couple of weeks later, it was in his basement.

Classic pub home bar

This is a good example of a custom modular bar. It has all of the characteristics of a custom home bar but it is considered modular because we can reproduce the design. These bars are fantastic because we can use the design to build it in the exact size, shape, and color that you want.

Shabby chic bar

Custom home bars like these are also really fun to build. Unfortunately, the elements we incorporate into these small bars, usually are one-of-a-kind and can only be used for one bar. These truly are custom home bars.

If you have any questions about home bar ideas, whether it be rustic, contemporary, speakeasy, your favorite band, elements from an old family heirloom, please give thebarmaker a call & let us design and build your personalized home bar. 330-760-7046 or email us:

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