Our Etsy custom bars and bar accessories store

Getting our online store launched has been slow but steady. We have started with an http://Etsy.com store because it makes so much sense. I have to admit, throughout my career, I’ve focused on being a designer, creator, & contractor all rolled into one. Being a vendor is something that is new to me but I will be excited to provide products to my clients that I hand select based upon quality. We build our clients cool custom bars & then leave it up to them to buy the bar accessories. Our goal is to take out some of that leg work.

If you have etsy, follow us:https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBarMaker?ref=search_shop_redirect

We will have custom bar accessories for your home bar and even patio bar.  The inventory will be revolving & evolving based on what we get our hands on. I will more than likely have custom bars remain for sale on this website until we can figure out the logistics of shipping them.

Our goal is to get a steady inventory of bar stools, custom bar stools, custom bar & drink ware, custom glassware and much more. We would like to have the bulk of our stock to be provided by local makers.

Please check us out and because this is very new to us, leave insight on how we might be able to do things better.

If you are a local maker and have something to sell, please contact us: thebarmaker@gmail.com  We would love to work with you.

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