Nostalgia; behind the bar

There’s more to your bar than you would ever know

It’s a Thursday afternoon, middle of winter, February 3rd to be exact. In the middle of a snowstorm, the fire is warming my back, music is playing at the perfect volume, and the smell of simmering chicken noodle soup has strapped down the essence of the room… as being the perfect night.

I frequently remind anyone willing to listen that winter isn’t my “thing” and that I live in the wrong climate. Truth be told, this time of the year settles me into a state of mind like no other. This state of mind is nostalgia and it feels like a warm blanket. It’s my favorite time of the year to work but it’s also my favorite time of the year for custom bar design.

This nostalgia has accumulated over many years of designing and building custom home bars. The work is challenging but drips constant moments of satisfaction into a bucket that soon becomes full enough that even on the bad days, keeps me knowing there is nothing else I would do better.

What could a better day in the middle of winter be. Keeping the shop extra warm with a cast iron stove, a mug of coffee always close by, wood chips and saw dust laying appropriately on a wood floor. I sure do have a flannel on, along with thermals underneath my color coordinating pants. The sound of saws and sanders can’t compete with music from the playlist I chose to listen to while we create the basement bar of your dreams.

Flipping through the stack of meticulously drawn details of the bar design, it’s all a show. Truth is that I have it all memorized from when I was in the room described above. With pencil to paper, I relentlessly etched the finest of details that will stack one upon the next, and become the shape of your custom built bar. Imagination weaves itself with strict principles that were derived from the purest of failures and dissatisfaction.

All of these ingredients create a nostalgia that becomes the soul branded into what started off as being called a custom bar, but is now art.

For my beer lovers out there, This time of year is “I’m in a brewery, I’ve grown a beard since brovember, I’m holding a stout, standing near a large fireplace centered in a large room with high raftered ceilings and picnic tables. Nostalgia.

I don’t know if you live in Washington D.C. or Seattle, Washington or Scottsdale, Arizona or Tulsa, Oklahoma or Mississippi or Boston, Massachusetts or Kansas, Texas, or Texarkana. But if you custom bars thebarmaker ok, bye.

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