L shaped Bars For sale

A professional approach on how to design a custom built L shape bar for your basement pub or speakeasy.

I know everyone gets as excited about custom bars as I do so I feel like it’s my obligation to spill all of this information into this massive pool of information called the interwebs. Speaking of pools, let’s talk about L shaped bars. Naturally, when you look at an L shaped bar versus a straight built bar, it has a significantly more impressive look.

Having a space to accommodate an L shaped bar has huge advantages.

Besides looking fabulous, the advantages of designing and build a custom l shaped bar are number one, the amount of seating. For example, if you have a space you have in mind for your new bar that is 12ft wide by 10ft deep, you can build a bar that is 7ft long x 5ft long and will seat approximately 6 bar stools as opposed to only being able to fit an 9ft. bar across and only having 4 bar stools.

There are other advantages to choosing an l shape bar for to have for you finished basement, mancave, speakeasy, or entertainment area. The second biggest advantage is the point of view for the people sitting at the bar. If you are out at a restaurant or in a commercial bar, you may be with only one or two other people. When you are utilizing a home bar, it is being used to entertain guests, family, watch the browns in the superbowl, or not. With an L shape bar, guests can sit essentially diagonal from each other that creates a line of visibility and interaction isn’t obscured by the person sitting next to you.

Back bars have just as much significance as the actual bar itself. I won’t get in too much detail about the back bar in this article but I will say with each shape comes different options. As you can see, the shape of the back bar in the first photo that is an L shape bar and then the backbar in the second photo that is a straight custom bar.

Traditional Bourbon Bar

The photos are perfect examples of traditional bars and example the difference perfectly. I love both of the shapes, now that I’m looking them so it’s hard to say which would be better for you. As a matter of fact, you can never tell which one would be the best fit because if it’s a custom bar that I design specifically for you, it could very well be any shape. I do a lot of bars that are U shape, I’ve also done bars that have a so called radius.

We often have built bars for sale but these would be better suited as an apartment bar or bar used in a studio apartment, small basement bar, or cocktail bar… which is also going to be in a future blog post. For a custom L shape bar, leave the designing to us. If you are out of state, we do video conferencing or walk you through the measurements.

Feel free to reach us at 330-760-7046 or email thebarmaker@gmail.com and as always, follow us on instagram thebarmaker

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