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TheBarMaker now features this custom home bar for sale

A long time has passed since the origin of this custom built bar. I dreamed of this design long before I physically created it. A client asked me to build a 6ft. x 6ft. L-shaped bar for him. I asked him what he was looking for and he responded with, “something nice, but I trust you.”

I knew without much contemplation, that the custom bar design I had brewing in my head would be the perfect fit. Based on the size and color he was looking for, I knew that my original custom bar design, my creation, was going to come to life exactly the way I imagined it.

Building it was as fun as it could be and adding color and a polished finish to it brought the final to be as spectacular to myself as it was for everyone who saw it. This was exciting for more reasons than just the appreciation from the client. It’s not until now, that I’ve decided that this very bar design would become something more than just another project.

For a long time I knew there was something special to me about this particular bar design and could be a good design to use as a custom built bar that could compliment style d├ęcor. The big question is, could it give a wide variety of people the same feeling? After many years of people complimenting and requesting a quote for this custom built home bar, the answer eventually became a big giant “yes.”

The custom home bar featured below is solid maple with a dark oak stain color a topped with a satin clear cote. The facing is solid maple along with solid maple bed mould (which can only be found locally to me) and a solid maple bar rail which gives it an authentic home pub feel.

The backside of the bar can have options such as: open shelves, cabinet doors, drawers, with shelves. An opening for a beverage cooler, wine racks, and the list goes on and on. Because this is a custom built home bar, it can come in any color, and shape, and size. We would deliver it to you no matter where you live within the united states.

This bar is a classic style. It can be considered a pub style bar or classic. It can be made in a custom shape, length, or color.

Feel free to reach out for a free quote for this bar or any other custom bar for sale by following this link https://thebarmaker.com/built-bars-for-sale/ or call 330-760-7046

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