Google photos of Custom Bars

google photos are such a beautiful thing

Recently, I’ve recognized clients using photos to relate verbiage of custom bar designs to me. This language speaks loud to me. I grew up challenged with articulating thoughts or ideas, even when it was to myself. Drawing things out on paper became the best way for me to organize my thoughts. When I saw something right before my eyes, I could then scrutinize or support what I needed in order to move toward something being completed.

While working with clients on their custom bar design, there sometimes are small gaps in trying to explain a specific aspect of the project. Instead, I pull out a pencil and draw it for them. The basement bar area becomes displays a lot of graffiti before the bar is installed. If in 100 years, the bar was removed, someone would see this chicken scratch and it would appear as ancient etchings on a cave wall, perhaps.

Contemporary bar

We’ve completed so many bar designs over the past 16+ years and have become the top name for custom bars in Cleveland, OH. It’s almost impossible to type in custom bar builders near me and not see something made by so now we have such a deep portfolio of home bar photos that clients point to a project and say, “I like this one” …and I say, “perfect”

Speakeasy Bar

I do my best to make sure plenty of bar photos are available for clients to view. I get a huge satisfaction from hearing the appreciation for plenty to see. I make it a point to keep websites like or

but for the real deal, I have recently been making sure that

we all love bar idea photos on so my goal is to make sure you have plenty to view. Just type in thebarmaker photos or custom bar builder in cleveland, ohio or whatever, and my built bars will be on display.

Key West beach bar

We look forward to hearing from you. It’s always exciting to know that I’m reaching clients through a google search. Please remember, the custom bar photos you see are projects we’ve completed. All of our bar designs are custom to you, we encourage you to use them for bar inspiration photos and then let us make yours, specific to you.

Please visit our website or call us 330-760-7046 and as always please follow us on instagram: thebarmaker

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