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Over the next few weeks, is going to be flooding the internet with our new custom free standing bars for your home. Typically, we design and build custom bars for your basement or entertainment space in your home. We of course are going to continue to keep doing this.

It’s becoming more frequent that clients are commissioning us to build custom freestanding bars, however. We also realized, not only to they come out really spectacular, but they are also quite fun to build.

During the past 15 years, there was a boom in suburban developments. The homes designed basements to be finished and sometimes, very elaborately. With all of the extra finished space in a basement, putting a custom basement bar was not only appropriate, sometimes a necessity. The upside to designing them in these spaces is the option to run plumbing to create a wet bar surrounded by custom bar cabinets.

Besides the basement bar, the next most popular bar idea is to build a custom patio bar. People often reach out to me with the request but our expertise is building indoor bars. I feel like I should let the patio guys build the patio bars. Maybe someday…

Anyways, getting back to my point, I feel that lately there has been two trends. One, apartment living. Two, people placing freestanding bars in very unlikely places. I say why not? I personally have a 8′ custom bar in my family room. You can locate a picture of it in my custom bar gallery. if you can guess which one it is, I’ll give you a prize. I love the unique ideas people imagine along with the courage to also say why not.

If apartment, condo or townhome is your style of living, you certainly should still have a bar for your space. I understand you can buy a bar online from an internet based company. If you are the type of person that likes unique, quality furniture that you also met the people that built it, then thebarmaker is the best choice for you. I think one of the best parts about us is that we will design a custom bar cart, freestanding bar, or even a liquor cabinet for your space. It will be the exact size, style, and whatever else you want it to be.

We look forward to this and also working with you. Please contact us for details.

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  1. I am looking for someone to come and quote me a new bar in my basement. We had some water damage and looking to replace what we have now.

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