Custom Built-in Cabinet Ideas

Once upon a time, thebarmaker used to serve as a basement remodeling contractor in northeast Ohio. We focused on renovating finished basements specifically, because our design range was limitless.

Typically, in a kitchen or bathroom renovation project, adhering to standard, trending principles is about all you have to work with. Not willing to design with one hand tied behind our back, we stayed far away from those types of projects.

It was a great decision, because it wasn’t before long that our reputation for designing a beautiful, functional, and unique basement space, had earned us the privilege to go into projects with full creative control.

Using precise architectural details that tie in with custom built entertainment centers, bookshelves, bar area, or any other unique custom cabinetry, was key in developing a consistent tone throughout the finished basement.

While our focus is in fact custom home bar design, we never pass up the opportunity to design and build custom built-ins, bookshelves, mudroom lockers, dry bars, or any other project you can dream of.
Take a look at our custom built-in ideas for entertainment centers, bookshelves, and mudroom lockers.

We are looking forward to working with you on your next remodel project.

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