Custom Basement Bars & Custom Patio Bars for sale.

Its March 1st! And even though its raining outside, it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor patio bar. is Cleveland, Ohio leader in custom bar design, in home bar, basement bar, & outdoor patio bar.

Most people associate us with high end custom bars & pubs. While it is true that the bulk of our business is to design & entertainment space for your home or business, what a lot of people don’t realize is that we build stand alone bars often, to develop prototypes for our larger custom built-in bars.

Once we have mapped the process, we then put the bar up for sale at a very competitive cost. You will often see these on

We like to offer them up to a local market because these are the people that will share our name and also, remain a customer when they want a custom bookshelf, custom entertainment center, or want to upgrade to a custom home bar.

If you haven’t already started following us on instagram, please look us up: thebarmaker and by all means, leave a comment if you see something you like.

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