Custom Bar FAQ’s

TheBarMaker explains the process of designing a custom bar from start to finish.

Lately, I’ve been receiving more & more inquiries from clients that have found online, especially those that don’t have a home or business in Cleveland or Northeast, Ohio. The email usually reads: Hi, I live in “insert region” and I’m interested in a custom bar for my finished basement. I was curious about the process.

In the past, the majority of my clients came to me through a referral. As started spreading across the internet, clients looking for custom bar builders from as far as San Francisco, California, Seattle, Washington, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Austin, Texas started reaching out to us. I also think that having a growing audience on popular social media platforms such as or has sent popularity on a trajectory that extends further and further away from Cleveland, Ohio.

Recently, I thought of putting a FAQ section into the website. I was discussing the idea with people and came to the conclusion that I should gather information from clients and their questions to pin point what people want to know. The answer ended up that there is such a wide variety of questions but also answers that I couldn’t possibly generalize it all into one page. I also think that it would diminish a level of obligation I feel I have to share my experience, knowledge, and expertise with a potential client.

Building a custom bar

Starting with the inquirer. When we receive the initial email from you, we respond as soon as possible. We offer our contact information so if you do feel a phone conversation is more efficient, than the offer is there to do so. For some, it may be tough to take a phone call because of work or just a matter of limited time. In that case, correspondence is fine through email:

I’ll start off with asking a few questions about what they are looking for and if they have any ideas or at least any thoughts about the “tone” or vibe of the custom bar design. It is fully understood that this isn’t a conversation a person has ever had so I make it clear that they don’t have to have the answers and that we excel at designing. We also understand that you may not even know exactly where it is you would like the bar to fit in the space. We can help with that too. We take things into consideration like plumbing for a wet bar, electrical for a beverage cooler, kegerator, and accent lighting, and maximizing the space for flow, design aspect, and of course maximizing budget.

That leads us to our next discussion. Bar budget. We can design around your budget in any case. We fully understand that not everyone is looking for a custom bar that was designed for the Biltmore. We do strive to give you the most bragging rights for your dollar.

So after you like the layout, you like the budget, and you are confident you want to proceed with having a beautiful home bar built for you by us, we then render a 3D drawing and illustrate the comprehensive details. After that is approved by you, we shift into building it. Obviously, there is a lot that is discussed in between all of that but we will save that for a real life discussion.

All of the production is done in our shop. It’s for the most part completely assembled then disassembled, packed up, and delivered to your home or business by us and installed by us. There is very little construction that takes place during installation. The result is an efficient, dust-free turnover that leaves you with the full experience that should come with building a custom home bar.

Feel free to reach out with any questions: 330-760-7046

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