Custom Bar Accessories & Barstools

Over the past couple of weeks Thebarmaker has been working diligently to add a long awaited, anticipated, and necessary extension. is new and definitely shows it. Nonetheless, there has to be a starting point and that is here and now. Featuring quite simply, Custom Bar Accessories & Barstools.

Custom Bars are the foundation of the company. Designing and building custom bars for your home or business will always be the ball we are swinging at. Clients often ask if we sell barstools, when I say “no” they look at me quizzically. It’s usually an awkward silence that follows so I decided to mend that broken wing.

So far it’s been a lot of work; finding quality bar related products to sell, designing the website, the idea of promoting the website, and doing this along side of building custom bars is exhaustive work. I will admit that it’s fun and I’m learning a lot very quickly but I want it to be perfect, so I’m willing to be patient.

Quality custom bar accessories & barstools

When I daydream about what I want to look like to my clients, I hope that they associate it with exceptional quality. I want them to have that feeling that you get when you purchase a brand new phone or expensive watch. The weight of the box, the chic simplicity of the packaging because what is inside doesn’t need to be advertised. I’m not a guitar player but I once held a very high quality guitar in my hands. The weight of it was so balanced, the ingenuity far surpassed that of an average instrument.

My quest is to make available to you, that feeling. I’m not looking for every third household in the U.S to own something of mine. That would be an irresponsible goal and go against everything we stand for which is quality over quantity. We aren’t looking to have a warehouse full of junk to sell. TheBarMaker designs and builds custom bars for your home or business but there are also so many talented makers that are way ahead of where we could ever be with producing custom barstools, art, and hardware that would compliment your custom bar. We just want to introduce you to them.

We hope you follow us along this journey. It will be worth it.

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