Christmas Ideas that will be guaranteed to be a hit.

Summer went by quick this year, a little too quick for me. For thebarmaker shop, this is the time of the year used to improve methods & processes to prepare for our busiest season which is unofficially labor day all the way up past the holidays. We do stay very busy well into spring but that’s for a different post.

As we approach the holidays, we realize the things we want to improve in our home that will make the experience perfect for friends and family. We want our holiday party to be that talk. We want the cheer to flow like water and what is the back drop for this warm & cozy idea? A custom bar.

Whether it’s a custom basement bar or converting a dining area into a home bar space or even just a liquor cabinet for your studio apartment, we have you covered. Thebarmaker designs and builds custom bars for your home or business. We also custom make bar accessories for your new or existing bar.

Let’s get to the perfect gift part. While a custom liquor shelf with LED lighting is fabulous, think bigger. Buy a built bar for mom & dad. Personalized bars are a hit. Six foot bars, eight foot bars, L-shape bars. They can all be purchased for a price that won’t be excessive and will be the gift that keeps on giving.

No matter where you live, just type in to Google: built bars near me or custom bars near me or basement bars near me or bar design ideas. Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, New York, Ohio, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Maryland, not Alaska though. Actually, if you live in a warm area like Charleston or Scottsdale, or San Diego, or Miami, Florida, we will even deliver it for you ourselves.

Anyways, you get the point. Don’t think any further about the perfect gift. Give us a call 330-760-7046 or follow this link for built bars and bar accessories

and for a custom basement bar or home bar ideas follow this link

back bar liquor shelf

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