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TheBarMaker builds custom bars for home or business. We don’t exempt built bars from being custom, nor should you.

Our typical client is seeking to have us design & build a custom bar for their finished basement. Lately, we’ve had almost as many clients looking for a built bar for their dining room that they may be converting into a space that can be used more often for entertaining.

Just because a bar is freestanding does not mean it can’t be custom.

When we design a custom bar, the beautiful part about it is can be the exact size you need it so it’s not slightly too big or slightly too small. While we’re at it, we may as well give it the exact look for you.

Transitional, contemporary, traditional, rustic, Scandinavian

Whatever your style is, that’s where our heart is at. There isn’t one style of bar that is less exciting to design and build than the other. Creativity allows you to break the rules a little. Contemporary infused with live edge? Sure, why not?

Custom bar cabinets that serve function while delivering an above average look.

While everything must look right, it also has to serve it’s purpose with efficient function. We can place drawers right where you need them, pull out shelves with doors, pullout cutting boards, garbage cans, you get the idea.

The gist of this post is to let you know, there are no rules to custom built bars. You can have function, style, and perfect sizing and have it all at a cost that won’t leave you contemplating the alternatives.

Custom Bar cabinets
Speakeasy Bar

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