Best Spring Drinks for opening your patio bar

The march to write this post is about as forced as going to the dentist. It isn’t that I’m not excited about the content, it’s that the temperature outside reads to be just over freezing. Am I a month too early to be writing about patio bars and spring drinks? Spring seemed to have gotten a flat tire on its course of arrival but since it is “officially” spring, let’s launch anyways.

Opening your patio bar is always exciting but is also a time to get stocked on the essentials to launch the summer season. If it isn’t your first season owning your custom patio bar, you probably already know what you’ll need to stock up on but have you made your drink menu? We all have the signature drinks that we claim we make better than anyone, but where’s your variety man? you’re not in college anymore so it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get some new concoctions on the menu.


Normally, I pick one or two favorites but when I came across this article, they ALL looked so good, that I decided just to post the whole article. I also thought it may be a handy way of storing the article for future reference. Take a look at the list, pick a few that tickle your fancy and get to practicing making them, you’ll surely be a hit when you open your patio bar or home bar this spring!

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