Best Patio Bars In the Cleveland area

Recently, I stumbled upon this article written by and enjoyed it so much, I thought it was worth the repost. Sometimes when you use an internet resource to seek out the next hidden gem, you instead receive the suggestions of a corporate based chain or the local feed trough. If you’re traveling, Iv’e found that it’s best just to ask around.

Over the past couple of years, Cleveland’s outdoor patio scene has really taken a giant leap forward. It wasn’t too long ago, you struggled to find a great patio bar in Cleveland that you could relax and enjoy a few drinks that wasn’t literally wall to wall people. We can all agree that collectively, Cleveland weather offers about 3 weeks a year for optimal patio weather so you cannot blame a business owner for not wanting to make the investment.

“If you build it, they will come” knows this first hand. Running the course through many of the custom home bars that we’ve designed & built has been the long line of friends and friends of friends. Suddenly, your basement, converted dining room and patio bar has become the hotspot of the neighborhood. People always second guess the decision to invest in an outdoor patio bar because of the weather but the return based just on convenience alone far exceeds the cost.

Give this article a read. Some of the places iv’e been to and can agree, some of the places Iv’e never heard of which makes me curious to explore. Hopefully, if the weather is cooperative, you’ll make the time to visit one of the places. While your’e there sipping on your cold drink, take notes about how you want to design your outdoor patio bar.…/…/cleveland_patio_guide_2018_bes


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