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The top custom bar builder in my area

This statement could be transformed into a question. As the owner of a company that designs and builds custom bars for your home or business in the Cleveland area, I can’t lose site of the fact that my business and the custom built bars I sell, are very niche. This certainly remains the case for Cleveland, Ohio but what I have recently realized is that this is the case for many other cities as well.

I’ve been receiving inquiries from locations like the Columbus, Ohio area and also, much further beyond that. people ask me why I would bother doing a project in New York, New York or Charleston, South Carolina or San Francisco, California and the answer became quite simple, who else would? This statement isn’t to be confused with the fact that nobody else could.

Let me break it down like this: If you were an art or car collector or were aware of a company in Scottsdale, Arizona that built custom bar stools or a custom motorcycle builder in Dallas, Texas or you found out about this man that builds custom wooden boats in Seattle, Washington or in Maine. Of course, you wouldn’t think of bringing in someone from Naples, Florida to install a roof on your house, unless of course that roof was intended to be unique & custom to the point where a local company couldn’t do it the way you wanted.

Custom Cleveland Skyline

I strongly feel that if someone on the other side of the world wants to own a piece of my creativity, something I pour my heart & soul into then why shouldn’t I find a way? More often than not, when I explain to someone that I’m driving a custom bar to Chicago, Illinois they look at me quizzically. I think what happens is they envision this stormy sea from here to there and the difference is I see an adventure, a new horizon and also the potential to open the door to a new market.

From current to dating back perhaps thousands of years, ships sailed across stormy seas to deliver spices, cotton, textiles, & precious metal. With the technology of 2021 there is zero reason I can’t deliver a piece of my imagination to someone in …anywhere in the world 🙂

I would look forward to working with you, wherever you are so always feel free to call us 330-760-7046 or email us

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So the next time you type in: Custom Bars near me hopefully thebarmaker appears as a beacon in your quest.

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