Bar Rentals for Weddings

Bar rentals for weddings? How about fund raisers, bar rentals for parties, back yard BBQ’s. How about a bar rental for a company Christmas party? I’m just throwing out ideas… because they are all good ones, after all, I am thebarmaker right?

Recently, I built a custom bar for a wedding event. It just so happens that I was In the wedding party, but regardless, I probably would’ve agreed to do it anyways. It was a wedding that was held at the Parker Barn in Copley, OH

The wedding was beautiful and the barn wedding was outstanding, especially on a fall night. The venue is a barn, nor refurbished so it is spectacularly clean, but still has an authentic barn feel. The bar I made for the #boltzwedding was a rustic bar with authentic barn siding and reclaimed wood.

So the plan was to have Parker Barn wedding venue purchase the bar. The plan didn’t unfold as designed so now, the bar goes up to double wing brewery slash debonne winery for an annual cross bike race. Let me back track here, the owner of Parker barn mentioned that a wedding that was going to be the following week, was taking place, she said the wedding planner saw the bar and love it and asked if it was available for rental.

This got me thinking…

If you are a wedding planner, party planner, or just a person throwing a party, wedding, or any other event,… give us a call for your future bar rental. We will be here for you.

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