Bar Ideas Become Bar designs

Custom Tiki bar for your patio

It’s summer, it’s COVID-19, it’s a time of uncertainty. We’ve been spending a lot of time home with our families. Having close friends over for a BBQ, pool party, or bon fire has become the newest standard of entertainment. With summer concerts & sports canceled, plans shift from being out on the town to in the backyard or favorite entertainment space in our home.

Because before now, you never thought of what you could do to improve the feel & function of your space. You never thought how essential a home bar for your patio or entertainment space could be. The bar ideas start to churn. What size bar? What style bar? How will I decorate the space around it. So begins the adventure.

Often, clients tell me that they seem to have a lot of great home bar ideas but actually choosing a bar style can become quite difficult. Thebarmaker eliminates that dilemma. Not only will we build your custom home bar but we will design it specifically for you as well. It seems to work better in the long run. It’s important to have the EXACT size you need, & that’s the difference between even a few inches. It’s also important to get the EXACT color & style you are looking for.

Whether it’s a Tiki bar, classic pub, live edge bar top, or rustic bar, we definitely can lead you through to having whatever is perfect for you. The process is pretty simple but most importantly, it’s fun & exciting.

Our current situation isn’t going away anytime in the near future so while your’e sipping on that morning coffee or relaxing with that glass of wine, start writing down ideas for that new home bar. Scroll through our instagram page and give us a like on whatever you see. You can also find us on and my favorite and when you are ready, please call us 330-760-7046

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