Bar Design near me

As of lately, every autocomplete seems to end in “near me.” This is ironic because in this age of and other huge websites that offer absolute lowest costs and in some cases, next day delivery, we opt to allow the search to fill and proceed anyways. I find it interesting that we still would love to find items on a local level then reaching to the far corners of the internet to find exactly, what it is we are looking for. Iv’e said for years that I believe we have a basic communal instinct that keeps us localized. You know, the bee doesn’t go collect pollen for another hive and then return to it’s own at the end of the day.

Shopping technology may be at an all time high. I believe the technology precedes the new technology which will be product delivery. After a while, the swelling will go down when we start to realize we simply have too much stuff. By then, the new technology will be “how to live simply and productively” or “being a minimalist” Luckily for me, I am a minimalist as a side affect of claustrophobia.

There still remains a good handful of consumers that go strictly for quality over quantity. The individual that wants the “original” This person probably owns vinyl records, owns an artifact that is of museum value, and is a collector of rare bourbons & wines. This person coincidentally wants a custom bar made exclusively by

Art collectors will import from all over the world and rightfully so. It could be more unlikely that a famous artist would live in between themselves and the nearest pizza shop. This could also be true for someone who happens to be looking for someone to design a custom bar for their home or business. While it is arguable that I am an artist, and it’s proven I am not famous, It’s a fact that I may possess the exact recipe to bring alive, that vision of what is considered to be the perfect bar & entertainment space.

Without trying to compare myself to a person like Frank Lloyd Wright, I will use it as an obvious example to illustrate the fact that if he didn’t travel, his designs wouldn’t exist in the forms of Taliesin or or the Hanna House, The B. Harley Bradley house, The Frederick C. Robie house, or The Martin House complex. This took place well before mass travel was a thing. is becoming well known for custom bar designs in the Cleveland area. My goal is popularize my reputation around this whole earth. While the internet will be a great tool when you type in custom bar builder Scottsdale, Arizona or custom bar cabinets Boston, MA or custom bar contractors San Francisco, CA or custom bar designer & fine woodworker Charleston, South Carolina my name will appear.

I look so forward to the future. I have so many ideas locked inside of my head and not enough time for enough projects to utilize them. I have travel plans coming up in the future which will also be used to study local styles, geography, and environments in those areas. Maybe your will be my first project?

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