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Cleveland is developing a grand amount of residential living space sewn throughout the pockets of town. City planners & investors teaming up with construction companies to clear old brush and make room for beautiful apartments and individually owned condominiums.

With the emergence of chic housing on the rise, so precedes the influx of a variety of people to inhabit the modern spaces. Cleveland is arguably on an economic rise and whether this is true or not, the need for more living space is obviously there.

With more people, the need for more amenities is next in line. Obviously, Cleveland currently boasts a great food scene. It has the best restaurants on east 4th, the best restaurants in Tremont, the best restaurants in Ohio City & West 25th. Besides that, you also need the best breweries in Cleveland as well. Cleveland green space will need to be provided. The best grocery stores in Cleveland will be a demand, along with drycleaners, schools, daycares? You get the point of all of that…

Smaller living spaces means you don’t have to own as many things, however, it does mean that you can make room for owning nicer things. Iv’e said it in recent blog posts that I feel people will shift towards collecting fewer, but higher quality possessions.

Starting a home bar in your apartment space is going to be my next blog post, but this post is a primer for it. Thebarmaker loves building custom bar cabinets, custom bar carts, and custom back bar cabinets. We can make them any size, style, color, and have custom functions.

Stay tuned for our next post on more details of how to design, stock, & store your custom bar cabinet or cart.

Custom bar cabinets in Cleveland

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