Back To School everyone

For some, (most) kids going back to school couldn’t come soon enough. Summertime means family vacations, days spent by the pool, lazy summer mornings, and nights spent chasing lightning bugs. Let’s be honest, while all of that sounds great, when summer winds down, there are still a few remaining days when parents can enjoy summer while kids are shipped back to school.

This small moment in time, while cherished dearly by worn down parents, is a golden moment for Let me explain the dynamic….While you are sitting on your patio, at your pool, or escaping the afternoon heat in your basement, the vision becomes clear. When the commotion caused by your kids evaporates, you realize what you really need is a custom bar. The custom bar ideas start rolling through your mind like a slot machine. Will this be a basement bar? Will it be a speakeasy, or classic pub? Should we do a tiki patio bar? Or both? (it’s happened.)

What happens here, is all of the needs and wants start to mix together and so begins the process. There is zero doubt that the function and aesthetics of a custom basement bar or patio bar are apparent but where do you begin?

Designing a custom bar isn’t as easy as one may think. When you go onto or you will finding an overwhelming amount of custom bar design ideas. You may find yourself trying to mix in a modular pub from or

Well, there’s help! DESIGNS and BUILDS custom bars for your home or business. Our number one strength is why we stay so busy; bar design. We aren’t going to try and sell you a standardized kit or style that easy for us, we will take your ideas, your interests and personality, and design a custom bar that is specifically for you.

If you’ve read this far, you should be picking up your phone and calling us 330-760-7046 to schedule an appointment. We definitely will be looking forward to hearing from you. Pre-holiday slots fill up fast so don’t put it off.

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