Awesome custom bars in Cleveland, Ohio designs & builds custom bars in Cleveland, Ohio. Our vision is to be a brand associated with a high quality line of products. Our client base is primarily building custom bars in Northeast Ohio. A small percentage of our clients, however, have been located in surrounding markets as well. has designed and built custom bars for clients as far as New York, New York, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, & Columbus, Ohio. Our intention is to adding to the list.

When I explain to the members of thebarmaker team, where the bars are headed to, a slight look of wonder slants their faces.

“The idea of expanding the market isn’t for the obvious reasons”

Quite the opposite, actually. While duplication tends to result in market saturation and vice versa….we aren’t as interested in market trends as we are about building really cool & high quality bars. It is our strive to reach out to farther, unknown demographics that pushes everyone out of their comfort zone to inspire design unfamiliar to us.

To keep our custom bar design & products exclusive to each client, we always want to be working with new products & personalities that are different from the last. From a stand alone bar to a fully designed custom bar & entertainment space, we don’t want to ever think within boundaries.

custom bars, basement bars, unique bars, pub style bars, rustic bars, speakeasy bars, and breweries in Cleveland, Ohio are all topics we will be covering in our next blog post. Please contact us at 330-760-7046 or visist if you have any questions. If you would like for us to write about something specific & building a custom bar related, please leave a comment or email a request.

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