Adding Custom Cabinets to your finished basement

The first thing people do when establishing a budget for a basement remodeling project is to rate the importance of additions and whether they make the cut or not.

Over the years, I’ve consulted with many clients about their needs and wants when planning a finished basement. Depending on if they have children, the priority goes in this order:

TV area

This is a major focus for a family because while we they all love each other, they don’t want to be piled onto the family room couch watching the price is right. Creating an additional space in the basement for diversity, is usually non-negotiable but this space will more than likely also include a built-in entertainment center that has a home theater features for movie night and watching sports.


If a basement is roughed in for a bathroom, it’s never a discussion as to if, but rather how big. When I use the word big, I’m referencing cost, e.g. bathtub surround vs. tile shower and pan, custom vanity cabinet vs. store bought, flooring, etc.

Basement Storage

When people moved into a bigger house, and decided to finish the basement, the nightmare that always flashes into their head is the lack of storage space in their last home. I’ll always joke that if not enough storage space is a problem, maybe they should consider having less stuff…again, I joke. As a minimalist by nature, I cannot relate to these problems. I will however, mention that at some point, people often take the unfinished storage space, cut it in half, and add onto the finished space in their basement…this is where I usually come in as thebarmaker

Custom Basement Bar

The cost associated with this helps people decide that they aren’t doing it right away. I definitely won’t talk them out of this and I definitely won’t convince them to dumb it down just to have a home bar.

Thebarmaker has been building custom bars for thirteen years, make no mistake that the bar area will in fact become the focal point for your finished basement. You will spend a lot of time decorating it, planning parties around it, and merely just showing it off like a exotic car.

This definitely isn’t something you want to do without making it perfect the first time around. It becomes a piece of furniture in your home that great memories with family & friends are absorbed into.

We design custom bar cabinetry specifically for you. Are you into craft beer? Keg systems, wine rooms, custom wine racks, classic bar styles, speakeasy, whatever your style is, we build it, and we build it from scratch, just for you.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please, for more information, call us 330-760-7046 or check out instagram: thebarmaker

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