5 ways to find the best custom home bar design

Lake Cottage Bar

1. Establish your theme:

With all of the varieties of design styles now, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with ideas. Whether you are choosing a traditional pub style bar, a beach bar, speakeasy mancave, or modern contemporary, it is important to be rock solid on the theme or tone so that you can use this as the ultimate starting point for inspiration and collecting design ideas.

If you are using a professional, the bar builders design will be based off of what you discuss so it is important to not try and integrate mixed ideas because this will throw the balance off and make the custom bar design become disjointed.

2. Define your wants and needs:

This is an important part of the bar design and bar layout. Often, people decide they want kegerators, wine cellars, wine coolers, trap doors for speakeasies, or outlandish displays of sport teams. Besides initial cost, you have to look at cost AND maintenance of these items over the course of many years. Along with that, you also have to decide, especially if you have children, if the bar is also going to double as a kitchenette during movie night, which is typical if it is a custom basement bar.

Even more important, will this be a wet bar? Also, an aspect so many clients overlook is electrical locations and also lighting! Accent and general lighting can make or break any fabulous home bar design.

3. Bar size and shape:

https://thebarmaker.com offers professional design consultations and custom home bar design. Bar design has standards and principles that cannot be overlooked. Bar height, custom bar top overhang, bar cabinet depth & height, and many more. Even for the do-it-yourselfer, it might be a good idea to reach out to thebarmaker. We are the number one custom bar builder in Cleveland, Ohio and using our expertise would be the best route if you decide to tackle a project like this.

Often, a client sees a bar layout that is practical based on what they know. We may see a bar layout and bar design based on what we know that maximizes your space, design potential while getting the most out of your budget.

Knowing the appropriate dimensions could in fact be one of the most important aspects in bar design. This is something you shouldn’t disregard.

4. Budget:

Using http://google.com for bar builders near me or bars for sale or bar cabinets is great for finding https://thebarmaker.com but knowing cost versus your budget will ultimately decide your bar design. Typically, bar cabinets are in line with kitchen cabinets but there are other things to consider. Barstools can become expensive. Footrails are not exactly a minimal cost. Appliances and fixtures should always be considered as well. Our advice, along with other professional advice we can offer is to build the foundation within your budget with the ability to add on features.

Using materials that are realistic for your budget is also an important thing to consider.

5. Home resale:

I don’t often discuss this with clients for two reasons. The first one is that a custom home bar designed and built by thebarmaker will certainly add value to your home. We are not just assuming this. Thebarmaker has been building bars for so long that clients have sold their homes, bought new homes and had us build custom bars in those homes. Every single client confirmed that not only was it a great selling feature but that it actually added cost value to their home. The reason I don’t discuss this is because it sounds “salesmany” Thebarmaker designs and builds custom bars for your home or business. Our clients hire us for one reason, to build a fabulous custom bar.

The second reason is that if you want to convert a room or garage into a bar, then you should. If you live in Scottsdale, Arizona and want to build a irish pub, then you should. If you live in Chicago, Illinois and want to build a beach bar then you should. There should be no reason that while you are living in your home that you should be concerned of who “might” like the custom bar you own. it is your place, your bar and if thebarmaker built it, you can be certain that it will be remarkable.

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