2021 is a new year for thebarmaker. We are currently wrapping up completion on a line of built bars for sale. That’s right folks, we are going to have inventory. Don’t worry, these are still, all custom.

TheBarMaker designs and builds custom bars for your home or business, and nothing about these built bars for sale is going to change. Each design may be one, two, or a bunch of a kind. We will use specific materials for unique designs that may be limited. We understand this, but are doing it anyways.

While most of these built bars for sale will be available to view and purchase right here on this page, if there is something specific you are looking for, e.g. a theme or style, we will be more than thrilled to design one for you.

Why are we doing this? Great question. Time is definitely something we don’t have more of, however, that in itself IS the reason. TheBarMaker designs and builds custom bars for your home or business. That usually means basement bars and custom built bars for people looking for the traditional Irish pub, speakeasy, or modern style bar… say contemporary bar or even a patio bar. This is all great, we love it. Having the knowledge but also the creativity is something we cherish daily…but…but… we have a million design ideas. These creations would never evolve based on the low quantity of bars we do in a year.

So let’s sell built bars that we designed from our farthest imagination and sell them. They will be proportionate in size, very high quality, and will be absolutely perfect in your space.

Please email us thebarmaker@gmail.com or call 330-760-7046

and always, follow us on instagram: thebarmaker